Non-specific Writing

This includes any type of non-business writing. Typical examples are fiction and nonfiction books or stories, poetry, essays, and blog posts.
Light Editing
If you have finalized your manuscript, choose this service to let us polish the writing. At this level, we check the essentials such as punctuation, grammar, and effective sentence structure. Although we do not correct any major issues that we may find at this level, we will comment to let you know what we’ve found, and will give advice when possible.
Deep Editing
At this level, in addition to all the things we check for in a Light Edit, we make bigger changes to sentence and paragraph structure. We also provide more detailed recommendations for improving the readability of your manuscript.
Developmental Editing
During Developmental Editing, we check the manuscript closely and provide detailed advice on big changes that are necessary to bring the product to a truly final form. This includes pointing out plot holes or insufficient character development in works of fiction, or errors in logic that impede the quality and clarity of works of nonfiction.
Proofreading entails an extremely careful check of the final pre-publication proof. At this stage, we ensure that all headers and footers are correct and consistent, we check the page numbering, and we verify that the format is consistent between pages, sections, and chapters.

Business Writing

We edit your business writing to help you provide concise, clear, and impactful correspondence and presentations.
Resume Editing
If your resume has been written and formatted to your satisfaction, we will check it carefully to ensure consistency of voice and style. We will advise on the readability of the resume, and recommend improvements. If you need to have your resume formatted or written, we will work with you to determine the prices for these services based on your needs.
Cover Letter Editing
We understand how important the cover letter is to providing potential employers with the information they need to know about you. We check carefully to ensure that your cover letter has a consistent style and professional format.
Business Correspondence Editing
For any important piece of correspondence, it is crucial that you present your ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively. We ensure that your proposals, recommendations, or any type of correspondence that you hope will make you stand out from the crowd will be eye-catching and professional.
Business Presentation Editing
Business presentations are one of the big ways to show your peers and the higher-ups that you really know your stuff. We check your presentations carefully to verify that they are grammatical, professional, and engaging.

Web Content

Whether your website is professional or personal, you’ve created it because you want people to get to know you and what you can provide for them. Especially if you are seeking to attract customers or advertisers, you need to have compelling and correct content.
Basic Content Editing
At this level, we click through all of the pages and provide feedback on essential points that will improve what you want to say. We check spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well as the clarity with which you have presented the information.
Deep Content Editing
When we do a Deep Content edit, we closely check the flow of ideas, the organization of the pages, and we verify that every link works. This service also includes everything we provide with Basic Content Editing.
Web Design Advice
For this service, we perform a cursory check of your web pages and provide advice to improve the organization and design of your overall website.
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English as a Foreign Language

We can help you improve your EFL offerings by testing your games and activities, editing your course materials, and proofreading your pre-publication manuscripts.
Game Editing
We test-play the games using simulations with different numbers of players. We offer feedback on how well the games reinforce intended teaching points, how enjoyable the games are to play, and we recommend improvements.
Activity Editing
We test the activities using simulations with different numbers of students. We offer feedback on how well the activities reinforce intended teaching points, how enjoyable the activities are, and we recommend improvements.
Course Materials Editing
We thoroughly check all of the component materials of your product, including the textbook, the supplemental games and activities, the teacher’s guide, and the audio scripts. We offer feedback on layout, design, and how well the teaching points are conveyed.